Posted June 16, 2014 by Nicole Belanger

MicroGroup’s New Tornos M7 Adds Capacity and Performance to Manufacturing Platform

Stock Tubing ManufacturingMicroGroup continues to serve its customers’ need for smaller parts, improved precision and faster delivery with the purchase of a new Tornos M7 Swiss Turning Center. The major advantage of a Tornos M7 over conventional CAM (Computer Assisted Manufacturing) machines is its ability to achieve a high level of precision, which makes it ideally suited for the accelerating demand for miniaturized medical products and other advanced industrial components.

  • Features five linear axes and two C-axes for machining components of simple to medium complexity at 20,000 RPM, and can be controlled to +/- 2 microns, allowing part tolerances of +/-0.0002″ (2 tenths)
  • System is built with 21 interchangeable tool positions, and is capable of producing long parts up to 2.5″ (60 mm)
  • New machine brings in-house total of Swiss turning centers to 18 – more capacity, faster turnarounds

Said William Bergen, President and CEO of MicroGroup, Inc., “Delivering smaller components with tighter tolerances more rapidly is consistent with MicroGroup’s commitment to expand and improve capabilities that keep our customers competitive.”

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