End Forming and Closing

MicroGroup, part of TE Connectivity, offers the complete range of conventional methods to form and close ends, and builds its own end forming and closing machines for special applications.

closed end tubeTube ends can be closed to customer specifications, with a multitude of tip options as shown below right. In addition, wall thickness tolerances can be maintained throughout the end if desired. Based on the dimensional and tolerance requirements of the job, and the turnaround required, MicroGroup can employ a variety of manufacturing processes for maximum flexibility.

MicroGroup’s closures can be used for a variety of products from sensor housings to arthroscopic surgery cutters.


Tube wall is spun closed completely and the tip is welded at the center, eliminating porosity. This process produces an economical closed tube for the majority of applications requiring reasonably consistent wall thickness.


Tube is closed to produce uniform thickness of +/- 15% of the parent tube. This design is particularly useful in extremely sensitive temperature sensing applications and may be the only method to spherically close extremely thin tubes.


Tube is spherically self-welded closed resulting in a flat or convex inside shape with a tip thickness typically several times the wall thickness.


Tube is plug welded with a disc usually varying from one to two times the wall thickness of the tube.


Tube is self-welded closed to a flat end shape with a resulting tip thickness considerably thicker than the wall.


Tube is formed with a self-welded tip with a thickness up to five times the tube diameter, sufficient to allow grinding or machining of points or other special shapes without the need to add a plug.