Component Forming

Component FormingMicroGroup, part of TE Connectivity,  can form tubing and wire into an unlimited range of shapes with extreme precision and repeatability.

Click on the forming method you require to see how MicroGroup’s broad range of capabilities can satisfy your unique requirement with unsurpassed speed and precision.

Component Forming TypeDescription
BendingBending tubing into intricate parts, tight radius, simple to complex
FlaringExtending the end of a tube to allow a tight fit of another part, symmetric and non-symmetric
Beading, Bulging, Roll FormingSimilar to Flaring but done somewhere other than the end of the tube or part
SwagingControlled drawing of the tube to a smaller OD typically at the end of the tube or part so that a tight fit into another component can be achieved
PunchingShaped dies used to create a variety of shapes in a component
End Forming and ClosingDesigned closures to meet the specification