CleaningMicroGroup, part of TE Connectivity, has cleaning processes adhere to ASTM A967 & A380 standards. Special cleaning processes can also be developed if standard methods do not meet your needs. ID and OD cleanliness problems associated with batch cleaning processes are eliminated by employing automated systems to clean, rinse, flush solvents, and purge.

Cleaning ProcessCharacteristics
Vapor DegreasingRemoves oils and grease from surface
UltrasonicRemoves contaminants and restores surface to original condition before manufacturing operations
Pickling / Acid-EtchingChemical removal of oxidation and corrosion
PassivationChemical process that cleans and treats the surface, slightly dissolves surface
Electro PolishingTypically improves surface finish by 2X, Makes product shine, slightly dissolves surface to create finish
Custom DesignedMicroGroup has developed many custom cleaning processes for intricate parts