Neurology / Spinal

MicroGroup, part of TE Connectivity, has been manufacturing components used in Neurology procedures for over 20 years. Proprietary manufacturing methods and state of the art equipment allow MicroGroup to lead the pack in component quality, precision, and lead-time. MicroGroup’s ability to resize and center less grind tubing allows us to create inner/outer components with tolerances of “tenths of a thousandth of an inch” This capability results in optimum component performance.

Our extensive knowledge of tubing is demonstrated during the manufacture of cannula, needles and hubs, probes, tips, irrigation tube and passer tubes.


Depending on design and intended function, specialized EDM processes, forming, flaring, bending, grinding and grit blasting are used to provide intended geometry and ultimate performance of single component devices. Neurology / SpinalComplex assemblies are achieved with the use of precision laser welding.

Some of our typical components include:

  • Solid trocars
  • Cannulas
  • Closed end tubes with side apertures
  • Hollow point cutters cylindrical ground and custom profile tips
  • Laparoscopic tubes

MicroGroup produces the highest quality components and devices to exacting tolerances. Our many years of experience and process improvement have allowed us to perfect the programming and machining of the toughest profiles along with the finest finishes and to give the highest component durability.

To complement our machining capability, MicroGroup has a multitude of post manufacturing validated cleaning processes.