Vapor Degreasing

Vapor degreasing is used to remove oils and greases from surfaces. Fully automated vapor degreasing using n-Propyl Bromide based solvent is achieved by programmable PLC control with a robotic arm.

The diagram below outlines the process as follows:

Vapor Degreasing Illustration

Parts are suspended in a hot vapor zone (A) above a boil sump, and the hot vapors condense onto the cool parts, which begins to dissolve the oils, which drip into the boil sump. The arm then lowers the parts into an ultrasonic tank of “clean solvent” (B). After submersion the arm raises parts back into the vapor zone, where hot vapors continue to rinse residuals from the parts. The vapors are pure solvent, as the boiling point of the solvent is so far below that of the contaminants that it cleans. All vapors are captured by a sub-zero refrigerant coil (C), which has runoff channels that drain into the ultrasonic tank, constantly replenishing it with clean (essentially distilled) solvent.