FinishingMicroGroup, part of TE Connectivity, has an exceptionally wide range of in-house finishing capabilities, you can select the specialized method or combination of methods, that impart your component with the precise finish you require. Listed below are the in house processes we use to change the finish.

Select the specialized finishing method, or combination of methods, from MicroGroup’s exceptionally wide range of in-house capabilities, to impart your component with the precise finish you require. Essential differences between surface finishing methods are outlined below.

Surface Finish Characteristics
Micro Grit Blasting Controlled grit blasting to create desired surface finish
Electro Polishing Typically improves surface finish by 2X, Makes product shine, slightly dissolves surface to create finish
Vibratory Polishing Mechanical process, shines surface
Passivation Chemical process that cleans and treats the surface, slightly dissolves surface
ID Honing Removes imperfection and debris from the inside of tubing or part
Centerless Grinding While not considered a “finishing” method in the strict sense, Centerless Grinding is a mechanical process that can improve the smoothness of exterior surfaces of tubing and rod by removing a portion of the surface.