Fractional Tubing

Fractional tubing is often used in commercial applications that require corrosion resistance and good strength. MicroGroup fractional tubing starts at 1/32″ OD and is generally stocked in 304 stainless steel and 316 stainless steel but is also available in many other metals and alloys in a variety of specifications. It is typically stocked in the annealed temper condition and is available as welded tubing (welded and drawn) or seamless tubing.

seamless tubingFractional stainless steel is normally available in commercial ratings such as ASTM-A-269, DFARS, ROHS, Mil-T-8504 and ASM-5570. Note that MicroGroup offers the in-house capability to produce custom sizes and hold the chemical composition of the starting specification to reduce lead times.

For sizes or alloys not listed below, or to place an order, call 800-255-8823. To purchase standard stock tubing please visit our Online Store.

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Fractional Tubing Info
Standard Material
304Stainless Steel Tubing
304LStainless Steel Tubing
316Stainless Steel Tubing
321Stainless Steel Tubing
347Stainless Steel Tubing
430Stainless Steel Tubing
Other GradesCall for Availability of Other Stainless Steel Tubing Alloys
Other Metals and Alloys
200Nickel (“A” Nickel)
600Inconel Alloy
(Inconel is a registered trademark by Inco Alloys International)
625Inconel Alloy
(Inconel is a registered trademark by Inco Alloys International)
C276Hastelloy Alloy
(Hastelloy is a registered trademark by Inco Alloys International)
Ti2Unalloyed Titanium A-40
Other GradesCall for availability of other Nickel, Inconel, Titanium, Aluminum, Copper, Brass and other specialty metals or alloys
Tolerance Table
TOLERANCESF1-Standard TolF2-Close Tol
Tube Size OD (Inches)Tolerance OD (Inches)Tolerance Wall (%)Tolerance OD (Inches)Tolerance Wall (%)
Less than 3/32 (.0938”)±.005”±15%+.002/-.000±10%
3/32 to < 3/16 (.1875”)±.005”±15%+.003/-.000±10%
3/16 to < 1/2 (.500”)±.005”±15%+.004/-.000±10%
1/2 to < 1-1/2 (1.500”)±.005”±10%+.005/-.000±10%
1-1/2 to < 3-1/2±.010”±10%n/an/a
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