Posted October 26, 2015 by Nicole Belanger

Custom Tube and Manifold Assemblies for Fluid Handling Made Fast!

MicroGroup has established itself as a preferred outsourcing partner for OEMs of precision fluid control systems because of its extensive in-house manufacturing platform and medical grade standards of production. Tubing materials, CNC tube bending/multi-axis machining, welding capabilities, and cleaning processes are all in-house, supporting MicroGroup’s manufacturing advantage of custom tube and manifold assemblies.

  • Tube bending capabilities include single, multiple, or multi-plane bends, providing efficiency, versatility, and consistency
  • TIG welding techniques and post finishing processes are well suited for the precision tolerances and ultra-clean joint requirements of fluid control assemblies
  • Vacuum and flow testing procedures are implemented to assure weld integrity

“Our 40+ years of experience combined with the incredible talent of our in-house toolmakers and technicians has led to our ability to develop and produce complex, multiple components assemblies. We are often able to hold tolerances tighter than others in the industry, on small and large quantities.”
– Bill Bergen, President of MicroGroup, Inc.

MicroGroup welcomes all OEMs to send a print, CAD file, or concept drawing of a development project to for a complimentary assessment and pricing proposal.

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