Posted January 17, 2014 by Nicole Belanger

There’s Value in Utilizing Dissimilar Metals in Your Assemblies

Using Dissimilar Metal PartsMicroGroup, Inc., a leading manufacturer of precision metal components and assemblies, is well versed in the specialized process of Dissimilar Metal Welding (DMW). Employing dissimilar metals in your assemblies is a potential opportunity to save on materials costs and/or improve the performance of the part, and MicroGroup’s manufacturing engineers can be your guide as to what material options are viable and what the associated benefits are.

  • MicroGroup employs a variety of DMW techniques including: Laser Welding, Tig Micro-Welding, Soldering, and Brazing – each process specifically tailored to the requirements of the job
  • Examples of dissimilar metals that MicroGroup has successfully joined include the following, however, other combinations will be qualified upon request: 400 SS to 316 SS; SS 304 to SS 17-4/SS 17-7; Nitinol to SS 304; Brass to SS; Nickel Alloys to SS; and more. A more extensive list of the materials MicroGroup stocks for purchase or for in-house fabricated jobs can be found on our Stock Tubing Page

Said William Bergen, President and CEO of MicroGroup, Inc., “Our expertise in the combining the advantages of different materials through our strength in DMW is another way we can offer our customers the optimum balance of performance and cost in their designs.”

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