Posted February 18, 2012 by Nicole Belanger

MicroGroup enhances capabilities and capacity with new equipment: AgieCharmilles Cut 30

AgieCharmillesMedway, MA, — MicroGroup’s new AgieCharmilles Cut 30 brings added capacity and new capabilities to our Electric Discharge Machine (EDM) center. EDM is a non-traditional, non-contact method for creating complex geometries and features which cannot be machined by more conventional manufacturing processes and, because it is a non-contact operation, it does not impart any mechanical forces. This makes EDM an ideal method for machining thin-walled or fragile parts. According to Alex Magyar, Vice President of Operations for MicroGroup, the new machine is MicroGroup’s 22nd machine utilizing this technology. Per Magyar, “What attracted us to this machine were the improved cycle times, ability to hold tighter tolerances and the capability to machine a longer part versus older machines.”

“This is another example of MicroGroup’s commitment to investing in the technology that is consistent with our goals of delivering Speed and Precision to our customers,” commented Bill Bergen, MicroGroup’s President and CEO. He went on to say that, “Continued investment into equipment and infrastructure remains an important part of ensuring we are positioned to help our customers remain successful; particularly on today’s smaller,more difficult and exacting components with increasingly tighter tolerances for assembly and higher quality expectations.”

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