Posted March 23, 2017 by Nicole Belanger

Shape Drawing at MicroGroup!

In addition to drawing custom tubing, MicroGroup has the ability shape draw. Using a combination of Sink and Plug drawing, we are able to precision draw material into different shapes and sizes of tubes, from ovals and rectangles to more exotic shapes.

In the case of shape drawing, the mandrel supports the ID, which allows for sharper ID corners that would not be achievable using Sink Drawing alone.

Shape Drawing at Microgroup, Inc.

Our engineering team will partner with your team to ensure the shape and tolerances are within required specifications. With over 45 years of experience, we are able to assist customers efficiently and effectively.

MicroGroup precision drawn custom tubing

“Our experience and expertise of shape drawing is unique, particularly combined with our ability to supply custom shape drawn tubing in small quantities. We look forward to partnering with customers to leverage this capability into meeting their challenging design parameters.”
– Bill Bergen, President & CEO, MicroGroup Inc.

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