Posted September 25, 2012 by Nicole Belanger

New Website Details Micro Metal Components, Small Diameter Tubing, Solid Stock, Fittings

Z-1151-MicroGroupHOMEMEDWAY, MA — An all-new website at details small-diameter tubing, bar, rod, wire and fittings in stock, and custom-engineered components for surgical, aerospace, analytical and other technical applications.

Stock hypodermic, fractional and metric tubing in over 500 sizes under one inch (25.4 mm), and solid rod/bar/wire, are listed in 304, 304L, 316, 316L, 321, 347, 430 and other stainless steel grades as well as in nickel, Inconel®, Hastelloy®, titanium, aluminum, copper and other metals/alloys.

Approximately 500 stock tube fittings, flexible hose fittings, twist-and-lock fittings and compression fittings in stainless steel and nickel-covered brass are shown, each with detailed drawings and dimensions.

Custom engineering, rapid prototyping and commercial-scale manufacturing of miniature metal components and assemblies are described by production department: tool making, custom sizing/shaping, cutting/deburring, grinding, machining, forming, finishing, welding, heat treating, cleaning, laser engraving, coating and Nitinol shape setting.

Individual capabilities such as Swiss turning, electrical discharge machining, electro-chemical cutting, centerless grinding and approximately 20 other processes are described in detail to assist engineers in specifying the most efficient manufacturing method.

Live online technical help is provided to assist in specifying materials and production processes.

An ISO-registered company established in 1971, MicroGroup provides 60 percent of the top 100 global manufacturers of medical and analytical devices with micro-machined metal parts, tubing, solid materials, miniature fittings and assemblies. The company’s All-Tube business is a major distributor of cut-to-length stainless steel tubing, bar, rod and wire. Vertically integrated capabilities at facilities in Medway, MA and Bethel, MN include development, engineering, rapid prototyping, micro machining, finishing, and assembly in small or large volumes.

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