Posted April 7, 2015 by Nicole Belanger

MicroGroup Continues to Add Capacity with Acquisition of 5-Axis GF AgieCharmilles Wire EDM

More Capacity, Faster Turnarounds!

MicroGroup has added its second EDM machine in less than 12 months to support strong sales growth across its business. Purchased mainly to provide faster deliveries for its customers’ precision components, the high performance GF AgieCharmilles Wire EDM is an ideal complement to MicroGroup’s already large bank of EDM equipment.

  • 5-axis design (U,V,X,Y,Z) delivers time and cost production efficiencies
  • Machine specs and proprietary fixtures allow diameters to be cut as small as 0.001″ and lengths down to 0.005″
  • System works with any material that conducts electricity, including MicroGroup’s large inventory of tubing, bar, and wire

“AgieCharmilles are world class EDM machines with which we have a long track record of delivering the high quality and tight tolerances our customers need. We continue to invest in our capabilities to meet our business focus of Speed and Precision.” – William Bergen, President and CEO of MicroGroup, Inc.

MicroGroup welcomes all OEMs to send a print, CAD file, or concept drawing of a development project to for a complimentary assessment and pricing proposal.

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