Posted October 30, 2013 by Nicole Belanger

Eliminate Time Consuming and Costly Secondary Operations – Have MicroGroup Complete Your Multi-Material Assemblies

Secondary OperationsMicroGroup, Inc., a leading manufacturer of precision metal components and assemblies to commercial markets, would like to reinforce the message of its extensive in-house assembly capabilities, and the time and money that can be saved by OEMs, depending on the requirements of the job. Particularly for jobs requiring assembly of plastic parts to metal parts, the benefits are more definitive by having MicroGroup further integrated into the production process. Moreover, MicroGroup, through its collaborations with qualified plastic injection molders, can take full responsibility for the manufacture of the plastic parts for the final assemblies, providing additional single source value.

  • Assembly Capabilities: Laser Welding, TIG Welding, Micro-Torch Welding, Epoxy Bonding, Silver Soldering, Heat Shrink Sleeving, and more
  • Quality Control: Leak Testing, Flow Testing, Pressure Testing, Pull Force Testing
  • Eliminate Second Operations

Said William Bergen, President and CEO of MicroGroup, Inc., “Simplifying our customer’s supply chain, while ensuring all of their requirements are met through MicroGroup’s stringent quality standards, is a key differentiator we offer to our customers. It is also an area that has grown substantially for us over the last several years.”

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