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1 pack = 10 pcs

SKU: 1000-5521-01


FEP is a fluorinated ethylene propylene (FEP) heat shrink tubing. FEP offers excellent consistency, high dielectric strength and is chemically inert. FEP is lubricious and semi-rigid with shrink ratios up to 2:1*. FEP is the industry gold standard for reflowing catheter shafts and bonding joints.


*Upper limit on select applications. Optimal shrink ratio is 1.6:1.


Wall Type: Single Wall

Primary Product Color: Clear

Shrink Ratio: 1.61:1

Primary Product Material: Fluoropolymer

Flexibility: Semi-Rigid

Recovered Wall Thickness (Nominal) [INCH]: 0.1

Recovered Wall Thickness (Nominal) [MM]: 0.25

Recovered Wall Thickness (Tolerance) [INCH]: N/A

Recovered Wall Thickness (Tolerance) [MM]: N/A

Recovered Inside Diameter (Max) [INCH]: 0.115

Recovered Inside Diameter (Max) [MM]: 2.92

Expanded Inside Diameter (Min) [INCH]: 0.188

Expanded Inside Diameter (Min) [MM]: 4.76

Shrink Temperature (Min) [DEGC]: 210

Operating Temperature Range [DEGC]: -70 – 190

Heat Shrink Tubing Resistance: Fluids

Recovery Temperature [DEGC]: 210

Applicable Region: Americas|EMEA|Asia


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4 ft


10 pcs/pack