MicroGroup, now a part of TE Connectivity, offers a Specialty Saw and a range of abrasive saw blades to assist you in fabricating your prototypes or finished OEM products and sub-assemblies. Please visit our online store.

The Model-500 Small Diameter Cut-Off Saw is a portable, easy-to-use tube saw for small diameter cutting requirements. It comes fully assembled and ready to perform efficiently on a variety of materials from aluminum to stainless steel tubing. MicroGroup stocks all replacement parts for the Model-500 saw, which comes with two metal cutting blades, a stick of Boelube (item 70200-13), and a 90-day warranty.


  • Cut lengths from 1/16″
  • Cuts with Minimal Burr
  • Miters to 30 degrees
  • Portable 115v AC
  • Cuts to 1/2″ Cross Section
  • Double-Acting Vise
  • Cuts to +/- 0.005″ Tolerance
  • 1/2″ Arbor
  • Positive Drive Belt
  • Foot Control
  • 2 Free Blades (5-080-030A)


  • Stainless Steel
  • Brass
  • Copper
  • Glass
  • Plastic
  • Composites
  • Braided Cable
  • Coax Cable
  • Armored Cable
  • Most Materials

Abrasive Cut-Off Blades

MicroGroup stocks a wide variety of saw blades for most applications and requirements. Below is a comprehensive list of the blades in stock for immediate shipment.

Also available on our online store

Item # General Purpose Saw Blades Diameter Grit/ #Teeth Thickness Type Arbor Size Alum less than 1/4 Alum greater than 1/4 Brass less than 1/4 Brass greater than 1/4 Copper less than 1/8 Copper greater than 1/8 Glass Plastics less than 1/8 Plastics greater than 1/8 Steel Stainless Steel Wood
4-240-013A Non-Reinforced Rubber Abrasive Blade with Special Mixed Abrasive Sizes for minimum burr. Most commonly used for cutting any steels up to 1/2″ diameter. 4 240 013 A 1/2
4-120-016A 4 120 016 A 1/2
5-120-015A Non-Reinforced Rubber Abrasive Blade. Recommended for cutting metals when #5-80-030 causes motor to labor excessively or when burrs are unacceptable. The blade is somewhat fragile and used for very light wall to 1/2″ diameter. 5 240 015 A 1/2
4-090-025A Non-Reinforced Rubber Abrasive Blade. Rugged blade cuts metals, reduces motor load. Best blade if used only occasionally), due to rugged construction, to be used on most stock over 3/8″ dia. 4 90 025 A 1/2
4-060-030AR Heavy Duty Reinforced Resin Abrasive Blade Can be used for cutting Titanium 4 60 030 A 1/2
5-060-030AR 5 60 030 A 1/2
5-080-030A Heavy Duty Non-Reinforced Rubber Abrasive Blade. Similar to 4-90-025A. The best all purpose blade. For heavy cuts. 5 80 030 A 1/2
5-080-030A-RED 5 80 030 A 1/2
6-080-030A 6 80 030 A 1/2, 5/8
7-080-030A 7 80 030 A 1/2, 5/8
5-080-060A For extra-heavy cuts. 5 80 060 A 1/2
5-046-060AR Heavy Duty Reinforced Resin Abrasive Blade. Similar to 4-90-025A. For heavy cuts. 5 46 060 A 1/2
4-SPL-009S Non-Reinforced Rubber/Silicon Carbide Blade. Silicon abrasive allows this blade to cut through very small diameter hypodermic tubing, drill blanks and glass; However, this blade requires extreme care in handling to prevent breakage since it is only .009″ thick. Use with a Boelube®. 4 009 S 1/2
4-120-025S Non-Reinforced Rubber/Silicon Carbide Heavy Duty Blade for cutting glass, ceramics, and thermocouple cable. Should be used with Boelube®. 4 120 025 S 1/2
5-150-015S Non-Reinforced Rubber/Silicon Carbide Heavy Duty Blade for cutting glass, ceramics, and thermocouple cable. Should be used with Boelube®. 5 150 015 S 1/2
A=Aluminum Oxide S= Silicon Carbide = Dry Cut = Use Boelube